Rodeo is Simply Embedded’s production grade data acquisition platform that seamlessly integrates common core services required by IOT deployments. Rodeo is the only data ecosystem a smart building requires, to intelligently analyze data and make better informed business decisions.

How Rodeo works

Rodeo has been built to address the most common problems in today’s IoT device market:

Rodeo + Wrangler: Integrated firmware and hardware that just works

This production-ready hardware allows you to quickly and efficiently develop your custom IoT sensor. Deploy what you develop without additional effort. Manage your deployment with the Rodeo web dashboard for monitoring, operations and maintenance. Cloud aggregated data can be streamed to most IOT analytics services.

Technical Specifications:

M.2 3042 form factor
Socket II Key B
3.3V power supply
ARM Cortex M7, 600MHz, 512KB RAM
64Mb (8MB) octal SPI NOR flash
CC EAL 6+ certified secure element with pre-commissioned keys
3.3V IO: I2C (x1), SPI(x1), UART(x1), SDIO
1.8V IO: I2C (x1), SPI(x1), UART(x1), SAI
USB 2.0 host or device
Fully integrated RTOS with network stack and crypto libraries
Secure boot and encrypted flash memory
LTE-M global roaming
Industrial temperature rating (-40 to +85 degrees C)

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